Ken Cousens: The History Of Law, Money & Religion

This seminar was delivered by Ken Cousens to a group of interested people at St. Louis University during the summer of 2014. As you will see, it presents quite a comprehensive framework for understanding our current predicament vis-a-vis citizenship and being the bonded surety to a bankrupted franchise…the ALL CAPITAL LETTER NAME, and more.

Since the time of this presentation, our society, as a whole, has tremendously expanded our understanding of law, history, money and how to peacefully extract oneself from the very diminished capacity of a US citizen and step into the Land of the Living as a Private Californian or Private Oregonian, etc. Come and join forces with other dedicated living beings to build real world solutions to our common problems at

Part 2)

Part 3)

Part 4)

Part 5)

(Gemstone University)

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