Destroying the Illusion of History

In this first segment, Doug discusses the Inter Caetera, Papal Bull of 1493, pointing out Vatican ownership of the entire western hemisphere. He also examines the concession of England and Ireland by King John to the Pope of Rome in 1213.

Destroying the Illusion of History Pt. 2: You have no Constitutional Rights

Doug discusses the Supreme Court ruling 32 US 243: Barron V Baltimore and its ruling concerning the Constitution and points out how most are not a party to that contract. He also discusses the Anti-Federalist Papers and the Law of Agency. He points out the philosopher, Lysander Spooner’s accurate writings on the Constitution.

Destroying the Illusion of History pt. 3: The 13th Amendment Controversy

Doug continues the discussion on historical illusions and takes a further look at the SCM.


Part 1:………)

The Energetic War Against Humanity:……

Part 2:

Lysander Spooner: The Constituion of No Authority:…

Supreme Court Barron V Baltimore:…

Part 3:

The Missing Thirteenth Amendment:…

Socialism for Millionaires:…

Fabian Freeway: High Road to Socialism in the USA:…

The Milner-Fabian Conspiracy:…

Hermosa Beach Couple Arrested on Federal Charges Related to Tax Scam and Passing False ‘Checks’ and ‘Bonds’ to Pay Off Debts:…

The Common Sense Revolution:

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