Neil Sanders: The Dark Art of Marketing

  • Do you want to know…
    * How to sell more effectively?
    * How to alter the beliefs of your clients?
    * How to make your products or ideologies seem more desirable?
    * How to stretch the truth, stage-manage scenarios and skilfully exploit language to ensure the public sees things as we want them to do?

Neil Sanders presents a ‘sales seminar’ like no other: taking you through the tricks of the marketing trade to allow you to more effectively manipulate the perceptions of your consumers and become successful and efficient salesmen.

Learn the secret techniques that are being utilized now in advertising, news media and politics to increase success, define societal positions and sell reality – the reality we choose – to the masses.

A New Horizons presentation with Neil Sanders. We hope you enjoy it!

Comment by Neil Sanders

Huge thanks to New Horizons at St. Annes for filming this. Here is the two hour extended version of the sales and marketing seminar. Please take a look. Bizarrely after the first hour long presentation was released I was contacted by several people who thought I was a real marketing guy and who wanted to pay me to promote something for them.

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