Crichton Miller: Megalithic Odyssey

If you want to understand ancient cultures, it is essential you understand their affiliation with the sea, their navigation, their logistics and transport. The evidence for this is rife, Crichton Miller has dedicated his life to this subject in modernity as a vocation and as prolific researcher of ancient sea peoples. The resultant is an epic insight into our past, which has tremendous value on who we are as a species today.

About the Speaker:

Crichton E M Miller,  A Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, Crichton and his team designs Cloud Platforms in time critical people management for the temporary worker supply chain which has been deployed by Walmart (Asda), Dairy Crest, Tesco, Bibby, Stobart as well as 80 other distribution businesses to manage a data base of 29,000 workers.

Crichton is a historical revisionist author and researcher.
His back ground in Air Traffic Control and navigation, as well as time critical commercial activities has assisted him in recovering a potential ancient system of logistics using primitive astronomy and simple instruments that could have allowed hunter gatherers to intercept migrating animals and later allowing sea faring traders to pass the meme of the cross and associated astrology to reach every inhabited continent via a system of watch stations that are now misinterpreted as Neolithic places of worship.

His book is available on Amazon @……

The author’s website which delves into the astounding facts of how he Patented the Celtic Cross as a navigational aid is:

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