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  1. Deep inside i believe that people nowadays don’t want to be a part of the real world, and that’s why we escape.. I mean look at that society ; i’m 20 and alcoholic, addicted to videogames and taking drugs as often as i can, I can’t even work properly, the world outside is boring and full of frontiers that you have to pay to go through. Hopefully i read alot too, and i know it’s not always been this way and MAYBE it could get better if the “elite” didn’t fucked our generation, but we can’t move now because too much people just can’t think of it, and it’s getting worse and worse. We’d need a riot, we are the new slaves and we ( young people ) don’t want to see it. A few know it, but we’re trapped between those who rule and those who accept to be ruled and since i figured it out it feels like this century is gonna be the worst century mankind has ever lived

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