Jews News posts Phony Article on Boy Beaten by Muslims because of Blue Eyes

Zionist propaganda debunked! is a popular Jewish news website that has over 1.2 million facebook followers, and they just recently published a false propagandist story called Swedish child beaten by muslim immigrant for having blue eyes. In this video Free Radio Revolution exposes the fake news story.


⇨The original story:

⇨The twisted version:

Jews News posts Phony Article on Boy Beaten by Muslims because of Blue Eyes

  1. The Picture is wrong but the story is true. I checked to see if it was a phony article and found a link to the original news story in 2013. It is a true case but there was no picture.

  2. Many Arab Muslims also have blue eyes and obviously this todlar isn’t 12. I remember the Rottweiler story from Wales in the UK.
    Zionists are so desperate, they have to make up lies

  3. I think people are too eager to believe articles that confirm their beliefs. When I read this, I immediately had my doubts. We had Muslim neighbours when I was growing up. They were lovely people ans so were their friends and relatives. I`m blond and have blue eyes, and the only thing they ever did to me was ruffle my hair for good luck. They thought blue eyes were beautiful, Hating is easy, trying to understand each other, not so much…

    • chris, you are right -muslims do not stab gays-they cut they heads off-this is a bunch of garbage-about muslims not being violent-they are killing Christians all over the world- and the boston bummers-I believe they were muslims that lived in he US. Of course, if a muslims kills anyone anywhere according to obummer-they are not muslims-again garbage.

  4. Yeah I looked it up because of the phot. The photo is incorrect, but the story is mostly correcr. More than one muslim ( a gang of five actually) Beat another teen, a swede, into unconsciousness because he made remarks to a friend on FB critical of muslims.
    Interesting to note, I also found another helsinborge story about a muslim gang of teens who.beat an 87 year old woman after she tried to stop the teens from torturing a puppy to death. So….. don’t like puppies much?

  5. I live in Sweden, and this story has never been in the news. Muslims living here in Sweden are nothing like what the media says! No one beats someone over the color of their eyes! So sad and disgusting to use poor child’s picture and make up some childish and disgraceful stories! And shame on all of you who believes what ever they read without being critical about the source! Peace and love!

  6. slap and punched…
    so what does a blue green eyed boy that was beaten look like? (no picture),,,the communist/dhimmi media doesnt want to “sadden” muslims with facts and real news…
    because it would hurt their stupid feelings…q

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