1. Reblogged this on the cosmic pilgrim and commented:
    So much to think about here….There are so many people who love the earth and all of the life on it…. and thankfully there are many activists that seek to stop the crazy destruction of the planet, defending the planet, the animals, the habitats, the resources, the wildlife threatened with exctinction, the trees, plant life, jungles , forests, water supply, fighting for clean air and water….but these activists are up against a huge machine bent on their own agendas. Collectively humanity is not as strong yet as the weakest link of activism to be able to unite and turn things around. How can we have strayed so far away from the natural rhythm and course of life? Not only have certain groups within humanity systematically been engaging in the destruction of our mother earth, but they have modified our own behavior, of the “rest of us”, towards our planet and all life forms on it-by instilling a passivity and a sense of indifference in the vast majority, reducing much of society to pathetic creatures watching the ravaging and pillaging of planetary life and resources and accepting this destructive state of affairs as “normal”…the disrespect, the trampling, the destruction, the corruption (gmo)….it’s frightening,……its a depravity of sorts….How else can one describe our ceaseless drive to crush, destroy and ravage nature and the planet itself in the name of progress? How much can activists accomplish on their own without all of humanity joining forces with them? Its not about just planting a tree. Its about radical spiritual, environmental, social, political and philosophical change.

    In the name of progress we have been defiling what is sacred and we are conditioned to accept this psycopathic behavior as a sign of economic growth and development, or scientific progress, or whatever other pill they want us to swallow.

    Sometimes sitting back and watchin in silence, indifference, passivity, relying on others to act, turning a blind eye, arm chair sympathizers, or assuming a defeatist outlook is just as guilty as destroying the planet ourselves. I know I am guilty of this for sure.

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