Learning to Obey: Behaviorism and Control of Society

Do the elites control society? At the very least, they have developed techniques to steer it, including incorporating the integrated Pavlovian/Skinnerian conditioned response that has been used in animal training and reinforced with an incentive.

An uncovered newsreel demonstrates a series of performing ducks and chickens who have been trained to turn on lights, play musical instruments and even dance via Pavlovian conditioning. The basis of these same techniques are used to control the population through various inputs of consumer rewards, the illusion of democracy, media role models, gambling, and etc. which all reinforce the expected behavior. Authors like Aldous Huxley, who is tied to the core of Eugenics as a ruling model, have warned that the scientific techniques, including Pavlov and Skinner, are leading us down the path of the “Ultimate Revolution” where people learn to love their servitude.

See also: Human Resources (Documentary)

(Truthstream Media.com)

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