Ohio Mall Security Guard Acts A Fool, Gets In Fight And It’s All On Video

Apparently, earlier in May a semi plunged into a ravine near the Ohio Valley Mall,which naturally grew a crowd to check out the accident.

Several in the crowd were taking pics of the scene when a “mall cop”, who identified herself as Officer Adams, came by and threatened everyone about confiscating their cameras.

“My name is Officer Adams and you’re not allowed to take pictures on mall property”, Adams shouted.

Adams yelled and screamed while the crowd snickered. Adams then started counting to ten after threatening the people that she would remove them.

A woman in the crowd was threatened by Adams, “Guess what, I’m pressing charges on you”. The woman responded, “Go for it, please call the police”.

“Put the camera away and erase the pictures”, Adams added.

Watching the video, you knew this wasn’t going end well.

Adams finally ended up pushing a woman who immediately fought back. The pair battled on the street for a period when an onlooker arrived and broke it up. Adams then tried to put handcuffs on the woman she pushed.

Mall cops carry handcuffs? Never noticed before.


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