Wilhelm Reich – Cloudbusting and UFO disruption fields

Wilhelm Reich was a genius. Some say, like Tesla, he was a walk-in.

Reich was set-up and imprisoned by the US FDA. He died in jail after they also burnt his books – inquisition style.

Reich not only located orgone energy sources, he also used his simple machines to make rain, change weather and attract UFOs. Reich found that as the UFOs came to check out the energy form his gadgets emitted – he could then aim the orgone gun at the craft and make them unstable. Although most people know that his material was seized for use in weather mod for military use, fewer people realise that Reichian tech was moved into the upper military sectors for their on-going search for systems with which they could bring down extra-terrestrial vehicles. In more recent times, black/covert scientist Michael Wolf had the research he’d completed to cure cancer turned into scalar type beam weapons to do the same thing.

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