Occult Symbolism seen from Google Earth

Occult symbolism and structures are hidden in plain sight and the majority of people don’t even notice.

I came across with a thread on GLP, reporting a very odd building caught by Google Earth, in LA, California. I checked it out and decided to make this video showing some other important buildings around the world, that definitely suggest that a global occultist government controls all organizations related to politics, military, sciences, education, entertainment and more. They use to put their signature in the architecture of these buildings and many of them are easily recognizable through satellite images.

Century towers Los Angeles
34°03’30.32N, 118°24’52.48W

Century City in Los Angeles is an important business center with many firms and executives – particularly those with ties to the film, television, and music industries have offices there.

Coronado navy base
32°40’32”N 117°09’38”W

Denver Airport
39°51’42”N, 104°40’23”W

Washington DC
38°53’N, 77°02’W

Louvre pyramid
48°51’37”N, 2°20’15”E

Cooperative Bank Stockport
53°24’28.72”N, 2°10’31.97”W

Seat of the European Parliament in Strasbourg
48°35’51”N, 7°46’08”E


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