Stanley Meyer’s Water Powered Car – Suppressed Technology

The water fuel cell is a purported free energy device invented by American Stanley Allen Meyer (August 24, 1940 – March 21, 1998).

The fuel cell purportedly split water into its component elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen was then burned to generate energy, a process that reconstituted the water molecules. According to Meyer, the device required less energy to perform electrolysis than the minimum energy requirement predicted or measured by conventional science. The mechanism of action was alleged to involve “Brown’s gas”, a non-existing mixture of oxyhydrogen with a ratio of 2:1, the same composition as liquid water. If the device worked as specified, it would violate both the first and second laws of thermodynamics, allowing operation as a perpetual motion machine.


You can view his patent HERE, it also describes the whole process. You can view the entire collective of his documents here.


Stanley Meyer Exposes One World Government

International Symposium On New Energy in Denver, Colorado, 1993 with Stan Meyer presenting. In this short clip from his technical lecture, Stan Meyer, inventor, entrepreneur and American patriot gives an ahead of his time breakdown (an evergreen information rant) of the state of the world. He exposes the Council on Foreign Relations, the Tri-Lateral Commission, the Committee of 300 and even exposes it as a One World Government agenda.

Meyer’s death

Stanley Meyer died suddenly on March 21, 1998 after dining at a restaurant. His brother claimed that during a meeting with two Belgian investors in a restaurant, Meyer suddenly ran outside, saying “They poisoned me”. After an investigation, the Grove City police went with the Franklin County coroner report that ruled that Meyer, who had high blood pressure, died of a cerebral aneurysm. But I still personally believe that he was assassinated in order to suppress his inventions.


In 2008 Reuters did a news story on a Japanese company called Genepax that revealed its eco-friendly car that runs on nothing but water. It seems that was the first and last time you would hear anymore from that company as well.

Free energy has been around for a long time now, but greedy oil barons and international bankers have suppressed this technology, so they can keep humanity under control.

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  1. interesting, some think he was murdered, humm, high blood pressure induced aneursm, possible, but high blood pressure is so vague, I mean what were his normal readings? a weakness in the blood vessels of the brain, that is what that is, that weakness can be caused by low cholesterol dieting, he seemd like he was a older guy? so he probably was on a statin? blood pressure meds? low fat diet? sun avoidance behavior? I read that the possible reason for hypertension (idopathic) could be the body attempting to protect the capillaires which are weak from low cholesterol sulfate and fats in their linings from a blow out (like anerursm) by keeping the pressure in the arteries high it takes pressure off the capillaries which are thinner and weaker relativly, not sure if I believe this or not, but it is worth considering. I really cant say whether this was natural or deliberate poisoning to raise his pressures sky high (there are drugs that do this) or just a cruel twist of circumstances. bp meds can lower the pressures and this might contribute to the blowout that the high pressures were trying to protect against hard to say for sure at this point. his invention is still there I don’t see why it can’t continue on despite this, not even sure his water thing really works (or is viable cost wise, or able to build the cars for it and marketing it,) it would be pretty cool if it does work and is viable for eveyrone to use because of viablity and low cost and easy of care. sorry about that poor man however.

  2. Exactly. I know Stan’s technology will eventually come out and more widely used, despite all the murder threats and resistance to all who try to develop it. I purchased Stan’s 8xa board with coil from here and it splits water exactly as Stan showed in his videos:
    You have come too late to tell me it was a fraud or it did not work. It does. If it was such a scam, why is every water fuel inventor murdered or mysteriously stopped from completing their work? Answer: US Government and big oil!

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