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  1. Wow!! I was completely hooked,it makes so much sense, more and more people need to wake up,we have been indoctrinated as slaves,we all are told what we can and can’t do,we must pay taxes or else…..we must send our children to schools and pump them full of god knows what vaccines or else……and no matter how hard you all try to get out of debt and make some wealth it’s never quite within your reach is it…..
    Stop doing what you’ve been programmed to do and wake up,only then will we as humans make the break
    Watch the Hunger games,the global elite are already doing it……wars(sending us to fight the killing fields…..famine,watching millions die and trying to make us send our donations,but the famine,hunger and deaths never go away,why???? Cos it’s all for them,control,brainwashing ,we all need to wake up,and soon……..

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