Hollywood Hypocrites: Jim Carrey Edition

Jim Carrey: Pro-2nd Amendment people are ‘heartless motherf@ckers’
Warning: There’s some saucy language in this morning’s piece, so if you’re easily offended, watch out!

by Robert Laurie

Jim Carrey is on an anti-gun roll. Back in February, he said that anyone “who would run out to buy an assault rifle after the Newtown massacre has very little left in their body or soul worth protecting.” Apparently, it’s easy to diminish the safety of others when you’re a multi-millionaire who employs his own armed bodyguards.

Yesterday, he was at it again. Carrey promoted his new “Funny or Die” video with the following:


The video in question features a mock Hee-Haw episode, portrays Charleton Heston as an insane man who’s not allowed into heaven due to his pro-gun opinions, then proceeds to tear into anyone who supports the 2nd Amendment or wants to defend their home. It’s the standard low-level “comedy” you’d expect from someone like Carrey.

Click the Link to Watch the Video: Cold Dead Hand with Jim Carrey

Now, respondents on Twitter are demanding that Carrey reconcile his anti-gun stance with his new comic book movie, Kick-# 2. In it, he plays a dark super hero named “Colonel Stars and Stripes.” The character is a born-again Christian who beats crooks to death with a star-spangled baseball bat.

So, remember kiddies, beating folks with a bat is OK. Just don’t shoot them.

The first film in the Kick-# series featured a 10-year-old girl who sliced people up with an array of ninja weapons, and the Carrey-infused sequel is expected to be just as violent. Even the trailer relies heavily on gunplay, prominently featuring what Carrey would refer to as “assault weapons.”

Those of you who are regular readers know that, just as I don’t believe in gun bans, I’m not on board the “ban violent movies” bandwagon. I like a good shoot-em-up as much as the next guy, and the 1st Amendment is just as valuable as the 2nd. The argument that says “seeing a violent movie will make you commit a violent act” is just as empty as the one which claims “owning a gun will make you use it to commit a crime.”

That said, it’s utterly shameless for Carrey to deride law-abiding gun owners while starring in a movie that absolutely glorifies criminal and vigilante gun violence.

Here’s the preview. Enjoy the Hollywood hypocrisy!

Source: Canada Free Press

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