Richmond Cop Attacks Man on Camera for Asking Simple Question

Once again we are treated to a Youtube video of an out-of-control cop physically attacking a non-violent citizen only for the police department to say the incident will be “fully reviewed.”

But the video has been fully reviewed by more than 150,000 people on Youtube since it was uploaded on St. Patrick’s Day and most people are smart enough to see that Richmond police officer R.E. Davidson has no business being a cop.

After all, if that’s the way he acts on a busy street in broad daylight with hundreds of witnesses milling about, how does he act when nobody is watching?

We can only imagine.

The incident took place on St. Patrick’s Day on a bar-filled street filled with patrons in Virginia’s capital. The action begins at 2:30.

Cops were dealing with an apparent drunk man wearing nothing but green underwear who had been fighting with another man, who was already in handcuffs and sitting on the sidewalk.

Cops managed to calm the man in the underwear down but chose not to handcuff him, which prompted the first man’s brother, Jason Dotson, to ask the cop why wasn’t the second guy handcuffed.

And this was enough to push Davidson over the edge where he started shoving him and quickly started squeezing his neck.

Davidson is wearing tactical gloves, which I’ve been noticing more of the aggressive cops wearing lately not to mention the security guards who assaulted me on the Metrorail last January, so that should be an indicator for us when dealing with cops whether they will be prone to attack us in a fit of violence.

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