The Formation Of Resistance

Mark Howitt’s first documentary “The Formation Of Resistance” does a very good job presenting controversial military discussion, religion, politics, and the ever looming New World Order. But I totally disagree with its main point: that we need to take violent action against our governments. In my opinion, this would be a huge mistake, because that’s exactly what the secret government wants us to do. They know how to deal with violence and they have the means to easily silence an armed revolution. This would also provide an excellent excuse to crash the US Dollar and start all over again, but this time they would be one step closer to the New World Order, by introducing The North American Union and its new currency, the Amero.

In my opinion, the human species is now intelligent enough to find solutions which do not include violence or destruction. Our challenge is to find a way of liberating ourselves from the currency slavery and the yoke of the secret societies, in a peaceful and constructive manner. My message is: “freedom without violence and destruction!” And it can be achieved if we work together.

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