IMF Warns Global Financial Crisis Caused by $152 Trillion Global Debt!

In the ever-expanding world of debt, no one country is responsible for the mess. Each country has taken on way too much debt and have been giving into the lie that more debt can resolve the issue. Total global debt $152 trillion dollars. To whom? The Rothschilds IMF/World Bank Destroys Nations. Sources: IMF urges governments to […]

Biggest Ever Bail-In to Occur in Germany's Deutsche Bank!

Deutsche bank cannot be bailed out since it is “too big to bail.” Prepare for the BAIL IN. Sources: Global debt climbs towards fresh high as companies and countries keep on borrowing – Japan Herald… Deutsche Bank Denies Asking Germany to Help in U.S. Dispute – The New York Times… DB derivatives.jpg (897×965) […]

Soros Warns Brexit Would Cause British Pound to Crash

The clock is ticking on a Brexit – Britain’s potential exit from the EU. Propaganda has relabeled this process as Britain leaving Europe. As if not under tyrannical rule is traitorous. Sources: George Soros: EU exit risks ‘black Friday’ | Business | The Guardian… Black Wednesday 20 years on: how the day unfolded | […]

Journalist Loses His Mind, Exposes The Real FKN Economy

Raging reporter Jonathan Pie delivers it raw on UK economy. Wouldn’t it be great if more journalists questioned the enormous lies they are paid to tell on a daily basis? Very few anchors and reporters ever lose their heads on air, but the exceptional few who do dare to speak their minds are quite rightly lauded as heroic […]

EU Calls for Global Government to Stop Financial Crisis!

Global government has been the goal of the technocratic elite, enabling them the ultimate control over the citizens. Global policies have been implemented which have a tip-toe effect on ELIMINATING the sovereignty of nations. Even without permission, these unelected technocrats who control the mega corporations and politicians, proceed to create rules and regulations which systematically […]

China Stock Market COLLAPSING as Government Begins Buying Shares!

China’s stock market has been sinking rapidly as investors flee for a safe haven among the instability currently viewed within the weakening economy of China. As a result, the Chinese government has instituted a policy to buy $20 billion of shares to prop up the market. Will this be the last BAILOUT the Chinese stock […]

Greece Votes NO in Referendum Against Austerity as EU Crisis Escalates!

This day has been anticipated for quite some time as the Greek people would decide whether to give into creditor demands or to reject them and attempt to evade the debt altogether. As the vote came in “NO”, Greece is now left with the decision of how to proceed in order to keep the Euro […]

Greece Misses IMF Payment "Effectively in Default" as Puerto Rico Next!

Greece has now officially missed the IMF payment we have been waiting for! This means that they are effectively in default to their creditors which now leaves this open to a chain reaction of meltdown. Puerto Rico has now claimed that it is unable to pay its billions in debt making it next in line! […]

The Biggest Scam In The History Of Mankind

You are about to learn one of the biggest secrets in the history of the world…it’s a secret that has huge effects for everyone who lives on this planet. Most people can feel deep down that something isn’t quite right with the world economy, but few know what it is. Gone are the days where […]