Mark Passio: Believers In Government Are Supporters Of Slavery

Mark Passio Believers of Government Or Statists Are Supporters Of Slavery. Check out Mark’s website:

The Enslavement of Humanity

The illusion of government catalyses the enslavement of humanity. Larken Rose gives us a profound, beautifully demonstrative metaphor of the immoral, inherently-flawed, outdated, and intrinsically broken social structure known to many as ‘Government’. It further explores the mechanistic, implicit nature of structural classism and the role it plays in society at large, coupled with the […]

You Don't Even Know You're A Slave

Most of us are enslaved in our neo-feudal system, but most don’t even know it. The first step to freedom and awareness. This episode features special guest Raoul Martinez! Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp. 1) Watch the film “Lottery of Birth” online right now – 2) Read “Confessions of An Economic Hitman” – […]

Slavery By Consent

This powerful series will attempt to not only show the deception that has been taking place, in the past and currently, as many documentaries have covered this topic before. Rather, this series will attempt to uncover the key components that will hopefully empower each one of us, to regain control of our lives, freedoms, rights […]