Robert Bauval 'Pyramid Scandal Truth Unveiled/German Testimony'

Robert Bauval was wrongly accused by Zahi Hawass of being the mastermind of removing fragments of paint from so-called ancient graffiti in the Great Pyramid, but in fact it was two German “amateur archaeologists.” Bauval provides useful clarification, and all the latest developments, in this 30 minute video interview. Zahi Hawass is a con man […]

A different story about ancient Egypt and our origins.

The Pyramid Code is a documentary that explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt as well as ancient megalithic sites around the world looking for clues to matriarchal consciousness, ancient knowledge and sophisticated technology in a Golden Age. It’s based on the extensive research done in 25 trips to Egypt and 51 other […]

Artifacts of the Lost Global Civilization

Klaus Dona presents evidence of a highly advanced civilization that covered all parts of the globe. Evidence of pre-Sanskrit writing found worldwide confirms a global civilization as depicted in the Vedic writings of India. Worldwide pyramids, nonhuman skulls and advanced artifacts tell a very different history than that told to us by mainstream archaeologists. Also […]