Cop arrests elderly man for using a golf club as a cane, falsely claims that it's a weapon and that he swung it at her.

Seattle police officer Cynthia Whitlatch was cruising down the street in her patrol car when she came across an elderly man standing on the corner using a golf club as a cane, prompting her to stop her car and order him to place the club down, claiming it could be a weapon. William Wingate, a retired […]

Texas Cop Tasers Elderly Man Over License Plate Sticker

The Victoria Police Department in Texas is under fire after one of its officers reportedly used a Taser against a 76-year-old man who was stopped for a vehicle inspection issue over his license plate. However, there was no need for the man to be stopped in the first place. The incident began when Victoria officer […]

In Denver It’s Now Illegal to Sit Down in Public

This video posted on YouTube today titled ‘You Won’t Believe What This Police Officer Says’, a man is seen getting a ticket from a police officer for sitting down in public. In the video, the police officer approaching the homeless man that was ‘illegally’ sitting down said, “Remember last week? We talked about you sitting […]

Florida cop arrested for refusing to remove Guy Fawkes mask SPEAKS OUT

In this video Red Pill Philosophy and WeAreChange get an exclusive interview with a Florida police officer who was recently arrested for refusing to take off his Guy Fawkes mask during a protest. Ericson Harrell who’s a 15 year veteran of the florida PD and a military veteran tells us why decided to protest and […]

Michigan Man Facing Jail Time After Trying To Pull Over Police Officer

A Michigan man is facing jail time after he tried to make a citizen’s arrest … of a police officer. His own video captures 60-year-old Steve McClain yelling at a cop to pull over for not wearing a seat belt and speeding. McClain was charged with reckless driving and he is set to go to […]

Police executioner who gunned down Sunday-school teacher will spend 3 years in jail (not prison)

CULPEPER, VA – A community is outraged once again, as a police officer who gunned down a Sunday-school teacher in a church parking lot receives a paltry 3 year sentence in jail. 54-year-old Patricia Cook was shot to death in the face as she applied for a teaching position at a local church. An angry […]