ECB QE Has Begun! Euro Drops to 11 Year Low as Currency Falls!

The ECB has begun its QE program as I had predicted before, not because of the foresight of a crystal ball but simply because every country is engaging in the exact same policies. When times get tough, print money. Deflation, inflation, stagflation, unemployment, poverty, war. Just print money and everything will be fine! We will […]

Banker Admits "We Engineered the Global Financial Crisis"

China’s economic growth is sputtering, the Euro is under threat, and the United States is combating serious trade disadvantages. Another Great Depression? Not quite. Noted economist and China expert Michael Pettis argues instead that we are undergoing a critical re-balancing of the world economies. Debunking popular misconceptions, Pettis shows that severe trade imbalances spurred on […]