The Technocratic Agenda: Sustainable Development and Climate Eugenics

Previously on The Corbett Report we discussed the technocratic agenda of the Trilaterals and their globalist ilk with “Technocracy Rising” author Patrick Wood. Today Patrick Wood of joins James Corbett of the once again to discuss the upcoming COP21 Climate Conference in Paris and how it plays into the technocrats’ plan to control […]

Greece to Kick Out IMF and End Austerity! EU Falling Apart Rapidly!

Greece has elected a new government which promises to end austerity and kick the IMF out. The Greek people have been engaging in civil unrest for years and violence peaked when the austerity began. The IMF has looted Greece in partnership with the technocratic elite in the EU which sit above the government. Governments are […]

Max Keiser: Economics of Human Extinction

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the Ka-Boom! and Ka-bust! the economics of extinction in the UK property market as Thatcher’s slow-motion housing timebomb ticks away under the British economy where demand continues to outstrip supply by a factor of two and where one woman being forced out […]