Patrick Henningsen: Slaves on a Digital Plantation

Is technology making man smarter, or dumber? Whereas the Industrial Revolution and subsequent advances in microprocessing held the promise of indefinite progress for mankind, the 21st century digital networking revolution seems to have something different in store for the west.

For the first time since The Enlightenment we are witnessing a downward slope in educational standards and intellectual development across core disciplines. Meanwhile, under the guise of “tackling fake news,” global corporate monopolies are carefully controlling what we see, read, think and talk about. Every move we make is harvested as data in a 24 hour digital matrix which tracks, records and commodifies everything we do. Can the individual survive this turbulent period in human development?

Speaker Patrick Henningsen is a media and global affairs analyst and founder of independent news website 21st Century Wire and a regular guest commentator on RT News International and host of the successful SUNDAY WIRE weekly radio show broadcast globally on the Alternate Current Radio Network (ACR), and on AM terrestrial radio in the US with ‘Patrick Henningsen LIVE’ on Independent Talk 1100 KFNX in Phoenix. His work has appeared in a number of international publications including The Guardian, UK Column, Consortium News and also on channels like Al Jazeera English, ITN, Edge Media (SKY 200 UK) and US syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM.

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