Ulf Dahlström: Quantum Secrets & Hidden History Of Free Energy

Ulf Dahlström is a Swedish-born, American scientist and lecturer who worked with the late scientist, Stanley Meyer, who was killed under suspicious circumstances. Stanley Meyer became known, and perhaps controversial for inventing free energy possibilities by using water as fuel, instead of gasoline and oil. Ulf Dahlström had several fascinating years working with Meyer on his projects, which took him into some extraordinary and mind-blowing areas, of how we understand the world we are living in.

Is FREE ENERGY a possibility or even a reality? And why is it hidden from the global population?

Ulf Dahlström is direct, informational and sharp to the point, who has had a long career within the world of science and is now speaking out.

This interesting, in-depth and educational hard-talk conversation between Ulf Dahlström and Age Of Truth TV presenter Lucas Alexander, took place at the Open Mind Conference in Audonicon, Skanderborg, Denmark on September 22, 2013.

AGE OF TRUTH TV website: www.ageoftruth.tv

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