The Dangerous Tribalism of the Ruling Class

It’s common to see people comment on the actions of the ruling class with terms like “how can they be so stupid?” or “can’t they see they are hurting the country!”. They say these things because the problems, and often even the solutions, seem so obvious that the only thing that makes sense is that the people in power are just a bunch of blithering idiots or short sighted and greedy. The truth, of course, is much darker than that. Which, by the way, is why they are perfectly happy with you believing that they are all just incompetent or even corrupt. They need you to think that they are basically like you. In fact, if you play your cards right you could be the next CEO, or senator, or even president!

This illustrates the naive perspective that most people have. It’s a perspective that is reinforced with a constant stream of theater and propaganda. Perspective is everything, and when people see things happen in the world, like the actions of the ruling class, they view it through the lens of their own life experiences. This makes it impossible to have a true understanding of the ruling class because there is nothing in the average person’s life experience that resembles the average day in the life of one of the people at the top of the hierarchy.

For example, with the invasion of the West from Africa, the Middle East, and Latin America, it is easy for Western society at large to see and experience first hand the problems that open borders and multiculturalism is bringing. Powerless citizens of these Western nations think to themselves, “This is so easy to see! There are infinite studies and statistics that point to these problems at the very least they should shut down immigration. Even if they are afraid to do what is necessary with mass deportations because they are spineless, or too prideful to admit their mistake, surely they shouldn’t be doubling down on such terrible policies. What kind of delusion is this that is getting in the way of them doing the right thing?” They think this because it’s only natural to recall instances in their lives when they’ve witnessed similar behavior and then analyze the circumstances that motivated that behavior and use that information to explain the despicable behavior of the ruling class.

This is foolish.

Unless they understand that the ruling class is a completely different society, with a completely separate culture, with completely different and to most people alien motives, using examples of behavior you observe in your friends and family to construct a model that will explain the behavior of the ruling class is absurd. It is no different than when primitive uncontacted tribes in South America see an airplane fly over the rain-forest and they use this same strategy to determine what they are seeing is a giant bird.

The difference between your culture and life experience and that of the ruling class is just as vast a difference as the separation between your culture and that of these primitive humans. It only serves your ego and the interests of the ruling class themselves to think otherwise.

No matter how many staged photo ops or performances they put on for the cameras. They are no more a regular Joe, or even a member of your society than a kid with an ant farm in their bedroom is a member of ant society. What needs to be understood right now is that it’s not that they are too stupid or cowardly to do the right thing, it’s that they are doing the right thing for them. You are not a member of their society.

You are simply a resource for them and your happiness is only important when it correlates with their ability to harvest that resource. An industrial farmer does not consider his livestock friends or family. They only care about the feelings of their livestock if it damages the product.

And these farmers have long ago abandoned any sense of morality or patriotism and instead put their energy into maximizing profits and keeping everyone just happy enough to prevent the animals from panicking and escaping their cages. They are industrial farmers and you are the livestock. They feel just as emotionally connected to you as a number in a database.

If you want a taste of what this is like, play a real time strategy game with expendable armies. Send the armies off to die to protect your kingdom. Do you feel bad for these pixels on the screen? Of course not. At first, you might even enjoy sending the armies on suicide missions just to watch them fight. The only time you begin to feel anxiety about the legions of virtual people being massacred is when the danger starts to get too close and you risk losing your kingdom. This is precisely how the ruling class operates. They will send everyone to die, down to the last peasant, to protect their kingdom and they feel just as much connection to and compassion for the men and women they rule over as you do these pixels on the screen.

This is the reality people need to understand before they can understand the behavior of the ruling class. You are not even the same species.

So what should people do with this information? Some of you might even be thinking to yourselves that this is a good thing. That you need a sophisticated tribe of sociopaths running things. You need them to work with robotic precision and to not hesitate in times of crisis. You need them to fight off your enemies without blinking.

That’s certainly how the ruling class justifies this gaping desolate hole that exists inside them located in the place that you use to store your empathy. You might think that these are the traits necessary to reach the top of the hierarchy when the truth is that while it’s a mistake to think they are stupid, many of these people, had they been born to your family instead of being the children of kings, they would be working the same slave wage cucking jobs that you do.

So what is there to do with this information? What are you to do with this knowledge that they are destroying your culture because they care as much about it as the industrial farmer cares about the culture of his cattle? What do you do with this information that the laws don’t apply to them because they were never meant for them, just as the barbed wire fences constructed around the farm and the cages that the livestock spend their entire lives aren’t built for the farmers, they only exist to keep the livestock contained? What do you do knowing that the farmer will never allow livestock self determination because they would unanimously decide against being slaughtered?

What do you do? Well, for starters, you get angry.


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