F. William Engdahl: De-fanging the Globalist Monster

In this radio interview Mr. Engdahl proposes The Globalists are not trying to get the President out of office as many say. He says Mr. Trump is doing their bidding and never would have got in the White House if he was a true threat to their agenda.

He has been researching and writing about the world political scene for more than thirty years. His various books on geopolitics—the interaction between international power politics, economics and geography—have been translated into 14 foreign languages from Chinese to French, from German to Japanese.

The Globalist are doing all they can to divide American’s against one another, and they are succeeding royally.

ISIS is a CIA creation as was Al Qaeda.

The biggest thorn in the side of the Globalist regarding China is that they own their Central Bank unlike the rest of the World, where the Central Bank is privately held corporation owned by The Big banks.

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