How They Stole Your Future 100 Years Ago

How many times have people told you that the media being owned by a select few isn’t a problem. That these corporations and the bankers that fund them would never propagandize the people for their own interests, and certainly wouldn’t endanger lives, that false flags aren’t real and that they would involve way too many people and that a secret that big would never be kept quiet?

Media manipulation by bankers with money interests and governments beholden to those bankers is not the exception, it’s the rule. There are countless verified examples that government schools conveniently leave out of history lessons and the banker funded media conglomerates are the last people that are going to give you a peek behind the curtain they’ve woven to protect themselves from the retribution that they would surely face if the public were to discover just how little their lives mattered to their masters. The masters of war.

One of the most well documented examples of how war profiteers operate that parallels exactly with how these war profiteers operate today is the sinking of the Lusitania. an event that would claim the lives of nearly 2000 people, including 195 Americans and would be the false flag used to get the American public behind a war that would later claim the lives of over 100,000 Americans. A war that up until this false flag planned by the American elites including JP Morgan and his Rothschild backers and the Wilson administration was only supported by 1 out of 10 Americans. and the motivation was the same as it always has been. money and power.

You see, JP Morgan the American agent of the Rothschilds sold war bonds in America to fund the english and the french in their war with Germany. Not only did they profit through handsome commissions from these bonds, the money raised was then spent at companies owned by Morgan and the Rothschilds. War was big money, total purchases would rise to an astronomical 3 billion dollars which in today’s money would be roughly 74 billion dollars. Morgan’s firm became the largest purchaser on earth.

and when german U-boats appeared to turn the tide against England they faced the very real possibility that this ocean of money would dry up. This would mean substantial losses to their balance sheets. Additionally this would also threaten England’s ability to repay the billions of dollars it had borrowed with war bonds. In fact, Morgan was finding it more difficult to sell the bonds that funded his military industrial complex as it appeared the germans might claim victory in a matter of months. To make matters worse Morgan himself had loaned around 37 billion in todays money to the British and their allies that now he was in danger of losing, Something had to be done.

Morgan hired a committee that identified that 25 most influential newspapers, he then installed editors at each of the papers and paid them off to run stories that were pro-war. Eventually he had over 1000 newspaper editors on his payroll and used his vast advertising purchasing power to strong arm smaller papers to trumpet the same pro-war sentiment. The Rockafellers of standard oil who would also profit from the war enormously used it’s own publishing companies to influence people against Germany and funneled money to reluctant congressman. Massive parades well held but with all this campaigning and social engineering the polling data showed that 90% of Americans still favored staying out of the war.

Enter the false flag that would plunge the world into war, killing hundreds of thousands of people to protect the interests of the bankers and the ruling class.

Winston Churchill who knew all to well that without American involvement in the war he would soon lose to Germany began to work with Wilson and the bankers on the false flag that would force the American people to support the war. The sinking of the Lusitania. The Lusitania, while built as a British passenger ocean liner, had been retro fitted with armor, revolving gun rings on the it’s decks and was classified by the British as an armed auxiliary cruiser. It’s lower passenger compartments had been removed to make room for war munitions exported by America’s industrial military complex. Churchill ordered the Lusitania and all ships to ignore orders from german u-boats to halt and to be searched, and to engage the german u-boats or even ram them without warning instead. He also ordered crews not to treat captured u-boat crew members as prisoners of war, but to execute them. This left the german navy with only one option, to sink ships suspected of delivering war munitions on sight.

The Lusitania, whose previous captain resigned over Churchills plan to use passengers as human shields, was loaded with weapons and ammunition sold by the jp Morgan company in violation of every neutrality treaty. The german embassy in Washington filed a complaint to the Wilson administration and was ignored. The germans went so far as to attempt to run ads in American newspapers warning Americans not to board the weapon carrying ship traveling through a war zone but papers controlled by the bankers and by order of the state department refused to run the ads.

Using the media as a weapon against the people is not a new thing. The bankers and the politicians they owned were purposely sending unaware and propagandized Americans right into a deadly trap. The so-called passenger liner carrying over 6 million rounds of ammunition was even directed into an area where a german U-boat had recently sunk a ship and was known to be active. The destroyer that was supposed to escort the lusitania to port was called back without notifying the lusitania leaving the lusitania a sitting duck in hostile waters and May 7th 1915 close to 2000 passengers including 195 Americans were sacrificed to the bankers as the german u-bout u-20 fired at the hull setting off a massive explosion when the munitions cargo ripped a hole so large in her starboard bow that she sank in less than 18 minutes. This was the false flag that propelled America into what would come to be known as world war 1. A war that could have ended before claiming the lives of over 100,000 Americans that died so that the military industrial complex and the banking class could avoid losing money on a profitable war. A war that would later lead to another world war that would claim the lives of millions. All this so the bankers could grow fat on the blood of the people that would line up for the slaughter war after war after war.

The details of this false flag have been largely hidden from the public. as recently as 1993 the official story was that the lusitania has exploded because of coal dust in the boiler rooms and that it had not been carrying ammunition. The real story remained hidden from the public for nearly 100 years until in 2008 when divers entered the hull and found the millions of rounds in the hull of the sunken wreckage. The media had successfully covered up the false flag for nearly a century. A fact that completely obliterates the notion that false flags involve so many people, that surely someone would talk and the truth would get out.

People who don’t know their history are damned to repeat it. Do we have to wait another century before we get the truth of the modern false flags perpetrated by the bankers, the military industrial complex and the deep state? When will the people stop confirming the ruling classes belief that we are all just cattle to be slaughtered for a profit. slaves that unknowingly prop them up and support their lifestyle of decadence and degeneracy. fighting for table scraps and vying for the the coveted position as alpha slave while the the ruling class looks down at us not with pity but with amusement or disgust. the technocrats developing new ways to control us and to eventually make us obsolete. We are rapidly approaching a future in which the ruling class will have successfully replaced us with lower IQ populations that are easier to control and then eventually replace that population with automation. We MUST stop them now and expose them for what they are now because we don’t have another century to wait for the truth to come out.


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