The Five Stages of Awakening

It is incredibly important to understand the process of awakening, so as to make the most of each stage, and get through them as quickly as possible. This entire project is centered on this process, and care has been taken to ensure the information is presented in the order in which the presenter wishes he had learned it. The awakening process mirrors the ‘five stages of grief’ first proposed by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, which many of you might be familiar with. The reason why they mirror is because it is the old self dying, so that a totally free new self can be born. Your body will physically and mentally react as if there was a real death in your life. We identify ourselves by what we do, what we wear, and what we drive. When you are awake, none of that will matter. You will transcend the current consumer order and be fully prepared to deal with the new paradigm.

Five Stages of Awakening – Our conspiracy reality – by Chris Duane.

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