Gavin Nascimento: Escaping The Matrix

The Story of Mankind’s Enslavement & A Blueprint For Our Potential Liberation…

Topics covered include:

1.Identifying the problems in our world.
2. Identifying the real causes of these problems.
– How the “education” system is dumbing us down
– How advertising and TV are used to brainwash us.
– Other forms of manipulation the ruling class use to control us with
3. Global Government is their end game plan
4. How “money” is creating artificial scarcity
5. How Governments work with terrorists to control us
– Operation Gladio
– Gladio B
6. Understanding our true Human Nature & who we really are.
7. Rehabilitating Ourselves
8. Taking responsibility for the energy you bring into this world.
9. The mind has no perceivable limit
10. You are not here to conform to this backwards world, you are here to help create a new one.

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