Ole Dammegard Exposes International False Flag Psyop Corporate Hub

VANCOUVER, BC – In this interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ole Dammegard exposes UK-based Crisis-solutions.com as an apparent international corporate psyop media planning hub for false flags, providing up to 1500 specialized personnel in the fields of security, media, crisis-acting, makeup, props, special effects, political liaison, media liaison, special effects, etc. for an ongoing series of International False Flags that operate as corporate profit centers through corporate signage, and that are designed to continue multiple socio-political objectives of Synthetic Terror, such as repressive social legislation. In the interview, Ole Dammegard discusses the apparent possible role of Crisis-Solutions.com in such recent False Flag operations as:  22 March 2017 Westminister False Flag; 7 April 2017 False Flag in Stockholm, Sweden; the 18 May 2017 False Flag in Times Square, New York; and the 22 May 2017 Manchester UK False Flag.

In one corporate video, Crisis-Solutions.com hints that their “Solution lies in their name – CR-ISIS”. In other words, Crisis-solutions.com coordinates international False Flags that can be attributed to ICIS is the clear implication!


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