Thomas Sheridan: The Lords of Perception and their Psychopathic Control Grid

Author Thomas Sheridan brings his revelations as to what truly lies behind the shadows cast upon the walls and among the corridors of power and influence on this planet.

How the most seemingly innocuous entities such as popular TV presenters can hide a life of monstrous evil for decades, and how this could have only been achieved with the blessing and protection of ‘their own kind’ at the very pinnacle of social and cultural influence.

From the corporations to the entertainment world, from bureaucracy to democracy, their pathological presence casts the deepest of all shadows across the surface of this planet, and also into the very depths of our cognition.

Using his entertaining and positive approach, Thomas shares his valuable and empowering insights into a phenomena which is becoming increasingly evident as the Global insanity gains pace.

The world will never be the same again after you hear this presentation, because now you will finally have the means to step out from their shadows and into a safer and more fulfilling life beyond the Lords of Perception and their Psychopathic Control Grid.

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