How Trump Filled The Swamp

With promises to “drain the swamp!” still ringing in our ears, we have watched Trump appoint nothing but Goldman banksters, Soros stooges, neocon war hawks and police state zealots to head his cabinet. Join us this week on The Corbett Report as we examine the swamp-dwellers with which Trump has filled his swamp.

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Episode 312 – Obama: A Legacy of Ashes
Time Reference: 1:30
How Citigroup Picked Obama’s Cabinet
Time Reference: 02:59
Trump to nominate Steven Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary
Time Reference: 05:32
Who Is Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s Treasury Pick?
Time Reference: 05:47
Ron Wyden goes nuclear on Steven Mnuchin
Time Reference: 05:37
There Will Be Swamp – Steve Mnuchin Confirms Treasury Secretary Nod
Time Reference: 11:11
Mnuchin OneWest Foreclosure Fraud
Time Reference: 11:59
Michael Krieger on Steven Mnuchin
Time Reference: 13:10
Carey Wedler on How Government $ach$ Won The (s)Election
Time Reference: 16:55
Actually, Goldman Sachs ‘Hacked’ the Presidential Election
Time Reference: 16:58
Is Civilian Control of the Military in Jeopardy?
Time Reference: 18:25
Flynn Flam: Neocon Ex-General to Be Trump’s National Security Advisor
Time Reference: 19:51
Gen. John Kelly, DHS nominee, has been quietly working for DynCorp
Time Reference: 20:12
DynCorp Harvest, Why Killing Is Good Business
Time Reference: 20:35
Kelley Vlahos on the Scott Horton Show
Time Reference: 21:13
Erik Prince Proposes New Phoenix Program
Time Reference: 24:50
Notorious Mercenary Erik Prince Is Advising Trump From the Shadows
Time Reference: 25:53
The Phoenix Program
Time Reference: 26:20
Douglas Valentine on the Resurrection of the Phoenix Program
Time Reference: 29:19
Donald Trump AIPAC Full Speech
Time Reference: 37:30
Donald Trump Endorsement for Prime Minister Netanyahu – 2013
Time Reference: 38:27
Palestinians slam Trump’s pledge to recognize Jerusalem as Israel capital
Time Reference: 38:46
Trump’s Ambassador, Makes Netanyahu Look Like a J Street Lefty
Time Reference: 39:59
Trump appoints ex-Israeli settler to oversee peace process
Time Reference: 42:43
President Trump’s Attorney General Will Continue The Surveillance State
Time Reference: 44:46
Derrick Broze Explains Jeff Sessions’ War on Encryption
Time Reference: 45:40
Dear non-anarchists
Time Reference: 52:55
Politics hasn’t and will never solve this. What will?
Time Reference: 56:06
Solutions, Solutions, Solutions!
Time Reference: 58:14


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