The Plutocracy Cartel & Shadow Government (Documentary)

An Entrenched Global Elite Of Vast Wealth Has Spread Its Tentacles Over The Earth Wielding Extraordinary Power Over World Affairs.

A wealthy and powerful oligarchy of banks, corporations, and dynastic families and institutions, runs the world. This elite group exercises control through interlocking boards of directors and stock ownership, acting through private clubs, societies and institutions, dominating national governments, both democratic and authoritarian.

Behind a facade of wealth and privilege, the octopus arms of the Plutocracy Cartel embrace every region of the globe, generating obscene profits from its activities, including weapons trafficking, funding wars and controlling the global trade in drugs. And, as they accumulate more and more wealth and power, they undermine democracy, exploit the weak and vulnerable, ruin lives, and kill hope for millions.

The endgame of this plutocracy is global financial domination and world government.

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