Indigenous Wisdom: Natural Law & Native Prophecy

This film should be mandatory knowledge for every man woman and child and taught in schools. This film has not reached enough people to make the necessary change of mind and heart, so I hope I can help get this message out to those who are aiding and abetting in the death and destruction of all life on the planet, and I hope that it shows the police and military who protect and carry out the orders from the chain of command that comes from politicians which comes from Major Financial Institutions, that the orders they follow to protect oil and other corporate interests are not lawful and violate common law, and I hope they learn that if they don’t quit their job and also speak out against it, then the next young jar-head will just replace them and continue to carry out the destruction of our planet and its resources.

Note: If you’re using a laptop or tablet it’s best to use headphones for this video due to poor audio quality.

(Lifting The Veil / Cullen Smith)

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