Rapture of the Future: The Omega Point – Transhumanism

I would have probably called this “A Strangers Guide to Transhumanism“, but while researching this topic, I came across Transhumanist Terminology that blew my mind and made so much sense. These are some of their official terms;

RAPTURE OF THE FUTURE: Naive optimism that everything will be all right in the future and that future technology can solve every conceivable problem.

OMEGA POINT: A possible future state when intelligence controls the Universe totally, and the amount of information processed and stored goes asymptotically towards infinity. The term was coined by the French Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin.

I probably would have never really been interested in Transhumanism if it were not for my friend Nicholson1968. Have a look at his work if you haven’t already. My view is that Transhumanism has been a thing for much longer than anyone really thinks about. We’ve been semi tranhumanistic since we’ve been watching television, listening to the radio, using cellphones and internet. We’ve progressively immersed ourselves in the matrix more and more. As a lot of us enjoy the tech norms such as iPhones, Macbooks, HD TV, high speed internet, etc; many of us are not paying attention to the technology being developed in the more cloaked environments. When this transhumanism idea really takes off (and it will), many people will experience Future Shock. No matter how good this technology may seem for some purposes, it WILL INEVITABLY DIVIDE US and then ULTIMATELY DESTROY US. Think about it. As much diversity as there is now will end up as two groups. Natural men and Machine Men. There is no other outcome and it’s unstoppable. I, personally, am more comfortable coming as a man and going as a man. How about you?

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