What Music Really Is and The Harmonic Series

Bo Constantinsen is the author of WhatMusicReallyIs.com, a website dedicated to teaching people about natural music instead of the artificial music found in contemporary music. Bo claims that all musical elements come from The Harmonic Series, which is the most effective element that can naturally define music and is the very foundation of musical arts.

Here is an excerpt from the “About Me” page from Bo’s website WhatMusicReallyIs.com:

What Music Really İs — The Manual for The 3rd Millennium Musician, Spiritual Seeker and Free Energy Discoverer is the first and so far single musical treatise in written history which deals with sound, acoustics, harmonic theory and everything music-related in plain language, without using concepts and terminology from any established musical culture.

Comprehending what music really is and learning the differences between natural and artificial music are very important for spiritual growth. Natural music is important for spiritual growth because it is one of the main languages of Nature. The Universe is a system that relies on natural music to create harmony among systems and organize energy into sacred geometry.

Today, most musicians and music artists are relying more and more on computers to produce digital music. This is causing humanity to steer away from natural music, and therefore making it harder for the human race to live in harmony with nature. Any race that does not know how to live in harmony with nature will eventually become destructive and destroy itself.

Source: EnergyFanatics.com

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