The Secrets of Water – Viktor Schauberger "Comprehend and Copy Nature" (Documentary)

A fascinating exploration of the groundbreaking discoveries and mind-blowing uses of waters secret qualities. Understand why vortexing water may be so beneficial to your health. Free-energy produced by the Repulsine device. An excellent documentary on the genius of Viktor Schaubeger and his son, Walter Schauberger who spent their life researching and utilizing waters hidden qualities. If you want more information about the health benefits of water vortexing and structuring check out this site:

Viktor Schauberger was an Austrian inventor who sought to emulate nature in the generation of energy.

He thought that human technology had it all backwards, by basically running on controlled explosions, when his observations of nature revealed that energy was generated via implosion by means of vortices.

He developed implosive turbine engines in the 1940s and he was tapped by the Nazis against his will. After World War II, he was brought to the US to be debriefed by the US military, which almost drove him mad before he allowed to return home whereupon he soon passed away.

This film explores the many intriguing insights of the original thinker who was Viktor Schauberger.

Viktor Schauberger – another great human spirit whose creative abilities in mimicking nature through science were destroyed by the corporate elite in the 1950s. From creating free energy to curing all disease to levitation, growing superfoods and creating new materials…So many examples of inventors and creators that gave humanity all the solutions for all our imbalances – not one has succeeded in breaking through that barrier of control at this point. If they did – we would not be in this situation. This is what the UBUNTU Movement will overcome. Find out about our simple plan and how ONE SMALL TOWN can change the world to unleash the full potential of the human spirit. Watch this documentary and then join the UBUNTU movement – and tell everyone. Become a seed of consciousness in your area.  – Michael Tellinger

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