Probiotics 101: The Benefits of Fermented Foods

If you struggle with GI distress, the very first place to look is your diet. You’re eating three times a day, so what you put in your gut is the main culprit of how your digestion will respond. Feed yourself low quality and processed food, you can expect to not feel well. Eating a nutritious diet though, will allow your digestion to hum along as it should.

In addition, there are key foods you can include in your diet to help enhance your GI health even more….

You may be familiar with the term “probiotic.” These are microorganisms that help to recolonize beneficial bacteria in the gut which in turn allows for healthy digestion, assimilation of nutrients and elimination. They are essential not only for healthy digestion but also your overall health, vitality, immunity and happiness.

What Happens To Your Brain When You Eat 1 Pickle A Day…

Did you know that when naturally fermented, pickles could be the answer to happiness? Pickles and other naturally fermented foods, have the ability to relieve anxiety and thus produce greater experience of joy, also known as the anxiolytic effect….

Neurosis and anxiety can be indirectly altered by consuming pickles and other fermented foods, such as sauerkraut. This effect was scientifically studied at the College of William and Mary, by researcher Matthew Hilimire. His results showed a significant reduction in social anxiety and neuroticism, in individuals who ate fermented foods daily.

Scientists have determined that a healthier stomach leads to a healthier brain. In fact, the boost in serotonin increases happiness, by promoting healthier thinking and reducing distorted anxiety-laden thinking. Watch the video below for a fuller explanation of this fascinating link between fermented foods and their impact on our sense of well-being….


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