Zika Fear Falters as False Flag Fraud Fizzles

Zika is a bust. But it’s accomplished its mission: $1.8 billion in funding, further trial runs of the medical martial law apparatus in another part of the world, and more adulation for the fearless WHO. Join James Corbett for today’s thought for the day as we put the Zika hype to rest once and for all (hopefully).


Brazil: Zika found in saliva, urine

Exclusive: U.S. athletes should consider not attending Olympics if fear Zika – officials

Zika prompts urgent debate about abortion in Latin America

Zika virus: Brazilian survey calls into question cause of microcephaly

Zika: Who launched the fake-epidemic story in Brazil

Brazil army to go ‘house to house’ in Zika fight

WHO Director-General summarizes the outcome of the Emergency Committee regarding clusters of microcephaly and Guillain-Barré syndrome

Obama asking Congress for emergency funding to combat Zika

Zika Virus Outbreak Prompts CDC to Activate Highest Emergency Ops Level

March 26, 2003: President Bush Turns Down Increased Budget for 9/11 Commission

(Corbett Report)

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