Former US Marine Ken O’Keefe tells the Truth about ISIS following the Paris PSYOP

Ken O’Keefe discusses “who is ISIS” and the absurdity of what the corporate mainstream media is telling us in this latest false flag psyop brought to you by the powers that be.

Ken O’Keefe is a former US Marine who renounced US citizenship at the US Embassy in Vancouver, Canada. on March 1, 2001. Now holding Irish, Hawaiian & Palestinian citizenship; but his ultimate allegiance is given to all life and to planet Earth.  A lawfully declared world citizen, meaning his ultimate allegiance is to his entire human family and to planet Earth.

He believes the world is what we make of it and that we have as a human duty the obligation of working to hand this world over to our children in a better state to that which we inherited it.

He says he does not fear death because life is energy; there is no energy without life nor life without energy. Energy cannot be produced nor extinguished, energy can only transfer; if there is anything to fear in life it is the negative transfer of our energy which is the unavoidable result of living without conscience.

Below is the full interview:

via EducateInspireChangeTV

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