More Proof the CIA Tried to Use Subliminals to Brainwash America

When you slow down the national anthem, it’s creepy enough by itself without the potential for added CIA subliminals telling us to obey the government.

This is a follow-up piece to a report we put up in August 2013. A little more background info lending to the fact that the 1960s national anthem subliminal “They Live” vid might in fact be a real experiment conducted as part of the CIA’s MKUltra mind control experiments running throughout the Cold War (and beyond).

According to a Southern California Law Review entered into a 1984 Congressional Hearing on subliminal technology, “Recently declassified materials document CIA interest in subliminal communication during the late 1950’s. These documents suggest that government use of subliminal techniques could proliferate and yet remain undisclosed for national security reasons. Therefore, the extent and types of uses to which subliminal communication devices are being put may never be completely determined.”

Our full original report.

The original anthem by itself (full speed).

The original anthem slowed down to 10%.

Secret Voices.

(Truthstream Media)

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