Yet Another Random #BlackLivesMatter Psyop to Divide and Conquer

The fact that the police and media jumped all over this virtually unseen Tweet and escalated it to the level of terroristic threat within a relatively short about of time (a few what, minutes? hours?) and made it into such a big deal that it had, within virtual moments, garnered a “multi-agency response” from law enforcement followed by a highly publicized arrest and media zoo to push everyone’s buttons — all in the span of one evening, by the way — should tell you a lot about the current race war agenda being implemented. These tactics are used to keep us fighting fake enemies among ourselves to ultimately distract us all from the economic meltdown and other lovelies being orchestrated in the background… More ridiculous divide and conquer, this time brought to you by George Soros and Co.

Don’t fall for it. #AllLivesMatter


(Truthstream Media)

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