The UnMasking (Full Series)

Presented over 8 series, we will take you where no other documentaries dare to go.

Since the fall of man, after the great deluge, the human race has been in total disharmony, on every level that you could possibly, IMAGINE, BY DESIGN!

Knowledge has been taken away from the masses and given to a very select few…….

In the 1960’s spiritual leaders, priests, and some secret society organisations, from around the world, decided in unison, to lift the veil of secrecy and to shine light back into the darkness of ignorance.

Time to give it back….Knowledge is POWER!.

Knowledge is knowing…where the ledge is… So you don’t fall down……

Our true history, which has suffered 2,000 years of corruption.

It will not take that long to expose those lies that we hold as truths today, what will take time is the rebuilding of the belief structures of this planet as we begin to realize the enormity of the knowledge held by our ancient ancestors, one that was so cruelly taken from us…

Part 2.)

Subliminal messaging, hypnotic suggestions, sigils, archetypes, and word play.. PROGRAMS THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND AND WE CREATE THE REALITY THEY WANT US TO EXPERIENCE.

We also know for a fact, that archetypes and sacred geometry also occurs in nature..

It’s all illusion, all you need to understand beyond this, is that Morphic resonance or the hive mind – creates reality, as a consensus of our mutual opinions of what it is.

Change opinions and reality changes right along with it, our masters run that game, for now, but opinion is becoming better informed…
The mass mind is very powerful.. The subconscious mind creates this 3D reality through subliminal suggestion..
All of this has directly affected each and every one of us.

Part 3.)

Everything is Energy.
The illuminated Cabal view everything as energy and the way energy flows.
This must be thoroughly understood.
This is the Kabbalistic manipulation of energy.
Understanding America and the Khazarian Mafia.
History’s Cruelest Hoax: Semitic Khazars.

Part 4.)

The Rothschild’s secretly financed groups of people to sail around to the many islands and off load many books on voodoo teachings and to promote Satanism based on ritual sacrifice.

This was nothing more than a mind control program to promote this, which was a fabrication and corrupt form of voodoo and Satanism.

Today they still practice this sick twisted form of voodoo and sacrifice which has bought poverty and sickness to the people of these islands.

By cutting people off from their heritage, their customs, their culture and replacing it with anti-life destructive lies, this is a giant step to genocide.
(Hollywood Casting Couch Satan’s Playground).

Part 5.) (“The 3rd Warning”)

The cabal have been trying desperately to program disasters to occur, through subliminal and suggestive programming…

In 2014 the biggest energy ritual took place simultaneously in front of 500,000,000 million unsuspected souls worldwide using the power of Television.

Televised was the bible story played over consecutive nights with all its subliminal, and black magic attachments..

Part 6.)

Strange Computer Code Discovered Concealed In Superstring Equations…
Exactly what I said in ‘holographic disclosure 2” about the codes, the information structure ..

There is more than meets the eye with the codes.

These codes hold all sorts of information , even KARMA which is built into the Matrix . Everything is recorded in these codes.

“The 6000 year Old Health Secrets” will go into this and the certain rules one has to follow in order to live life according to Universal Laws.

Flat Earth theory-: I think this whole debate has been conjured up by Disinfo agents trying to screw with folk’s heads.

The flat contradicts the pyramid’s model of precession of the equinoxes. There’s also the problem of Canopus moving below the horizon at Giza and successive capitals moving south over time to keep it on the horizon, as the equinoctial marker.

There is also Spherical Earth cabalistic geometry and spherical navigation which still works for everyone and how geo synchronous satellites stay in place without Newtonian physics?

The Bedford Level Experiment- Is a series of observations
carried out along a six-mile length of the Old Bedford River on the Bedford Level, Norfolk, England, during the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
It was an attempt to determine the shape of the Earth. Early results seemed to prove the Earth to be flat, but later attempts to reproduce the observations firmly support that the Earth is a sphere.

The observed target was seen at 6.5 miles, from which they claimed that the 5.5 mile ‘limit’ was debunked. They forgot about atmospheric refraction, which is why we see the sun 5 minutes before it actually comes over the horizon and why the Giza pyramids are 0.028º south of 30ºN… so as to correct for refraction and record a true astronomical 30ºN. Plus… all the math at Giza is describing spherical geometry, from the Masters.
Simple physics says that if the Earth was flat so would we be… maybe we are, but since it’s all illusion anyway, how would we ever know if all of our agreed perception, 3D, wasn’t the illusion.?

This is a 3 dimensional world, where the number 3 is repeated endlessly throughout this illusory plane. Why?Because 3D causes everything to have a BELIEVABILITY PERSPECTIVE when perceived by our 5 SENSES, or a pyramid triangular trajectory.

Part 7.)

The ancient Egyptians understood harmonics and the wave form universe.Temples and chambers were built by the ancient brotherhoods, in order to amplify the lights, sounds and frequencies.

This was to manipulate the vibratory resonance within the temples.
DMT -:The PLANTS OF THE GODS or Teacher plants Opens your 3rd eye……
Let’s quickly look at the word GOD…
In the disclosure series it claimed, there is no God, and off course there isn’t.

We are talking about the GOD of dogma, the revengeful; blood thirsty and racist God that was created in the minds of men to control the docile masses.

Let’s look at the word GOD spelled backwards, it spells Dog, referring to the dog star, Sirius, in the constellation Canis Major. (The Greater Dog or the top dog)

The etymology meaning of the word VATICAN.

Sanskrit ‘vati’ means “it blows” that is linked with the Old High German ‘feder’ for father there is an exact match to the Sanskrit with the German ‘vati’ that translates as “father.”

The ‘VATI’-can

Vati-can would mean the “dog father” since ‘can’ (from vati-CAN) is the Spanish word for “dog.” As related to the dogstar Sirius that resigns in the constellation CANis Major.

“Dog” spelled backwards is “god” and thus ‘Vati-can’ would also mean the “godfather.” in which the pope is also known as the “papa” since the Spanish ‘pope’ means “papa.”

The Italian ‘vedere’ (veder, vader, feder, etc.) translates into English as “see.” it is part of the reason why the ‘pope’ is also referred to as the “holy see.”

La Santa Sede means “the holy see/seat/headquarters” which shows you who is keeping everyone from spiritually evolving.

Part 7 was banned in Germany, slightly revised track for play in Germany…. View it here.

Part 8.)

Short Analysis on present day looking at both angles..

Here lies the big question? Will there be World war 3?
Some claim there will no world war 3, but the very wealthy are about to be exposed for their trickery and treachery including vast amounts of wealth based on commodity and cash that has no value. This will impact the 1% with trickle down effects from their losses, but when the corporations and the associated elite lose control of the global banking syndicate, that is the loss of wealth that is being referred to and not the rest of us. Read more on the UnMasking part 8 here.


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