Diet, Injections, and Injunctions

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You may have thought it sucked that California’s Senate advanced a bill to do away with personal belief objections to vaccines, but at the national level, Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson has introduced the Vaccinate All Children Act of 2015 which essentially bribes all schools into vaccine compliance… and she did it wearing a funny hat. This happens to be the same person, just by the way, who said the Haiti earthquake was “a blessing.”

Fertility rates continue to drop, as studies show Millenials are the slowest to have babies than any other women in U.S. history, but of course it can’t be a combination of social engineering and slow kill. On the totally non-related (we’re sure) flipside, record numbers of couples are taking out $30,000 loans not to buy houses or fancy cars but to receive costly in vitro fertilization treatments because so many people are having problems even getting pregnant these days.

Did you know that the oil and gas industry is recycling fracking water that may have as many as 586 chemicals in it and making bank selling it to California’s drought-stricken farmers for irrigation? Yummy.

Meanwhile, there’s a huge boom in new patents for mind control technology as we officially enter the “pervasive technology age,” and even though Microsoft filed 89 in just the last year, there’s another, perhaps even more worrisome company that has them beat… Oh, and roaming chicken velociraptor hybrid death squads are also discussed.

Technology is being suppressed for reasons of national security, and Melissa talks to people on the street to see if anyone can pronounce the ingredients commonly found in our food these days.

And… more. So much of it. Thanks for tuning in!

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