The TV Mind Control Documentary

Ultimate TV Mind Control Documentary | Mainstream Media Exposed The TV Mind Control Movie (Remade and Enhanced) Our world of weaponized entertainment is discussed and exposed.


…is the process whereby you receive and respond to a visual or sound message without being aware of it. The message in the form of printed words, pictures or voices is presented either so rapidly or faintly that you are not consciously aware of having seen or heard anything. But you react to it anyway. Messages programmed directly to the subconscious by-pass critical analysis and the conscious choice to accept or reject the message. Repetition of the message constitutes mental programming.

We have all heard about the experiment many years ago in which a movie theater flashed a beverage ad across the screen during the film. What was the result of such seemingly harmless dribble? Sales of that drink increased dramatically! These subliminal messages were then banned, right?

  • What if similar techniques infiltrated our evening news or the countless hours of television Americans are watching?
  • Is television providing the effect necessary to change our subconscious thoughts?
  • Have behavioral psychologists waged psychological warfare through the mass media and the alteration of our education?
  • Who is in control of influencing our thinking?
  • What is the ultimate goal of this psychological strong-arming?

The capacity to lie with a picture and be undetected has been greatly enhanced by modern computer technology.


-TV is a Weapon for Mind Control
-They’ve been Doing it Since the Beginning
-They Program Us Early On in Life
-Operation Mockingbird & Crisis Actors
-All News Outlets are Controlled by One Entity
-Repetitive Keywords to Keep us in a State of Fear
-Digital Sigils for Inducing a Trance
-Predictive Programming
-Dumbing Down the Population
-Conspiracy Ridicule

Gathered & Edited by ODD TV

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