Over Unity (FREE) Energy Devices Research

There are many inventors who claim to have produced over unity devices. The term over unity is derived by comparing the energy put in to a system with the energy produced by a system. If we divide the “energy out” by the “energy in” we get the ratio of the two. Traditional science dictates this figure should always be 1 or less than 1, 1 being “unity”. An over unity device has an energy ratio of higher than 1, meaning the system is generating more energy than is being put in. Many inventors claim to have produced devices which achieve “over unity”, but it appears none of these devices are in common use. Some claim they have all been suppressed, but others claim they do not work. Richplanet is launching a project to try and find answers to the over unity claims by building their own machines. If you have the relevant skills and experience perhaps you’d like to help, go to http://www.richplanet.net/energy.php for more details.

Please visit Richard D Hall’s website RICHPLANET.NET to see all his past shows, and so much more, covering all types of alternate issues that the mainstream refuses to acknowledge.

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