Dutch News Hostage Hoax – Man With Gun Has Almost 5 Minutes, No Statement?

Corporate media never fails to give their viewers a fake news story, just like in the studio of Dutch news station NOS where a supposed lone gunman takes the broadcast room hostage with a fake gun.

This is so staged.. This guy has about 5 minutes and he supposedly has some important statement to give on live news.. He has the platform, then does nothing? This is so fake.

1. They’re getting scared some “truthers” might try to break into news stations during their live broadcast and say something like “9/11 was an inside job” or “They’re Not Telling You About Bohemian Grove” or something similar.

2. They have an anti-gun agenda

3. It shows how “powerful and efficient the police were.. turning the gun-toting man literally into a pathetic stump (actually he plays that role during most of it)

4. “Lone Wolf Gunman” reiterated

5. “conspiracy theorist”

6. “into the “New World Order”

Isn’t it “funny” how he doesn’t actually say anything of political importance at all?

So, let me get this straight.. This man wants to get “his political message” on the air so bad he busts into a news station with a gun.. Stands there for 4 minutes, never says anything political, then drops his gun and gets arrested..

Is this the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen? Compare that to someone who actually wants to get a political message on the air like the guy at the superbowl after conference..

Here’s the original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?x-yt-cl…


(The Paulstal Service)

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