The Rothschilds Own Charlie Hebdo? Editors Girlfriend Works For The Rothschilds.

Girlfriend of Charlie Hebdo Editor is a Rothschild Arch-Zionist Agent.

As further confirmation of the terminally wretched hoax that is the supposed terrorist attack on the Charlie Hebdo satirical ‘newspaper’ there comes forth this hoaxer, arch-Zionist agent Jeannette Bougrab. A Mizrahi Jew Bougrab attempt to disguise herself as a grieving, even disgruntled, girlfriend of yet another treacherous arch-Zionist mole Stephane Charbonneir. They are Zionist fabricators together, one covering the other for his lies.

The purported girlfriend of so-called secular journalist is nothing other than a terminally corrupt Islamophobic Mossad more:


She is a Zionist Jew, make no mistake about it, and her ‘critic’ of Islam is not about ‘social’ issues or ‘cultural’ norms but, rather, a kind of plot on behalf of Israeli machinations.


The Mizrahi Jew Bougrab is an actual cabinet member of none other than that arch-Rothschild entity and global domineering cabal Mayer-Brown. The word Mayer is derived from the first name of the greater father of Rothschild Zionism, Mayer Rothschild. The Zionist mole has been firmly entrenched within the French infrastructure thanks to her Rothschild handlers:


Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.52.11 PM

In her interview she smirks and smiles, mocks and ridicules, as she reveals herself for the Islamophobic fraud that she is.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.51.52 PM

Does she seem to be devastated and/or distressed at the sudden loss of the love of her life, ‘partner’ and “Charlie Hebdo editor, Charb?” Yet, it is said, in caption, among other story-lines:

The partner of Stephane Charbonnier – the editor of Charlie Hebdo who was killed in Wednesday’s attack – has paid an emotional tribute to him. Who in the world do they think they’re fooling (in fact, 95%-plus of all people)?

It is the jaw jut that she is displaying of a terminally corrupt, hedonistic arch-Zionist fabricator. “Where is associate and likely still editor Isamphobe Charb now,” we may ask. She knows precisely his status and whereabouts.

Even so, make no mistake about it Mayer-Brown is Rothschild. Thus, her role i this arch-fraud is endorsed, rather, guided at the highest levels of the criminally corrupt Zionist cabal:



Beyond a Zionist Bougrab is a terminally corrupt arch-fabricating Zionist extremist. Her whole purpose is to run cover for pro-Israeli schemes:


The Mossad mole has fully been uncovered. What mound of filth under which will she now hide?


Surely, then, she is a direct associate of the Netanyahu and Perez cliques, in other words, a direct and continuous agent of the Mossad:


She is an agent, an apologist and more, for hedonistic, terminally wretched Zionist lies.

Moreover, she does it all under the cover of a secular socialist when, in fact, such secular inanity is a mere side-element of Zionist schemes for domination. If she hates the Divine Source, then, let her admit it. Let her not, then, hide any longer under the fraud of Islamic terror and within the shroud of her phobia of Islam. The entire world should see this assessment, especially those who heap false blame upon a faith which hand nothing to do with it and which, in fact, is at war against such tyranny. Yes, once again, the grand faith of Islam has been wrongly blamed for an act, while great curses and venom are heaped upon it, while its Messenger and its holy book are viciously condemned for an event, not perpetrated by it but, rather, by its most virulent enemy. This enemy is the agents of Zionism which, in fact, is the enemy of humankind.


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