Mark Passio Explained The War on ISIS in 2008

This informative short video was filmed in 2008 by Mark Passio, Mark explains the esoteric/occult meaning of our current religious Christian versus Islam war that’s being waged right now with ISIS/ISIL a.k.a. IsRaEl = ISIS – RA – EL and we all know that ISIS is also part of the Mossad agency, the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service.

“War On Terror” Is A Fraud – It Is Not Meant To Be Won, It Is Meant To Be Perpetual

Organized religion is a control mechanism for dividing and conquering humanity. How the Global Elite use Race and Religion to Divide and Conquer

This is an important video right now! I couldn’t believe what I was watching when I saw this portion of Mark Passio’s lecture “What on Earth is Happening.” It’s pretty obvious that the people pulling this off are laughing their asses off at us. Hardly even trying to veil the deep occult underpinnings of the foreign policy decisions that are being made. I recommend checking out Mark Passio’s work. He has so much info that it is incredible. Watch his Natural Law seminar, and anything else you wish. You will become much smarter and have a better understanding of “What on Earth is Happening.”

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