Unveiled and Lifted (Documentary)

Unveiled and Lifted, a new documentary experience from Lifting the Veil with Cari-Lee, fuses music, art and insight to create an engaging assessment of the current problems facing humanity along with potential solutions for pro-active alleviation. Focusing on self empowerment, self rule, individualism and ‘being the change’, Unveiled and Lifted offers thoughts from an eclectic array of authors, filmmakers, artists and freethinkers on government, schooling, parenting and the non aggression principle, religion and spirituality, agorism, anarchism, and other relevant topics and concepts that need to be addressed and expressed during these changing times.

Featuring special guests:

Kathy Fontecchio http://youproductioninc.webs.com
Jason Gregory http://jasongregory.org
Derrick J Freeman http://victimlesscrimespree.com, http://peacenewsnow.com
rob in the page family http://consciousselfgovernance.ca
Elina St-Onge http://collective-evolution.com
Vinny Eastwood http://thevinnyeastwoodshow.com
Thomas Sheridan http://thomassheridanarts.com
Dayna Martin http://daynamartin.com
Nabil Shaban http://youtube.com/scabsnabs
Liam Scheff http://liamscheff.com
Max Igan http://thecrowhouse.com
Charles Shaw http://exilenation.org
Truther Girl Sonia http://thetruthergirls.com
Joe Martino http://collective-evolution.com
Thema Azize Serwa http://thewombsauna.com,
Derrick Broze http://thehoustonfreethinkers.com
Karen Sawyer http://arcconvention.org
and Brendon Culliton http://youtube.com/skullbabylon

Produced by Cari-Lee and Justin Jezewski
Edited by Justin Jezewski

Featuring previously released music from:

1. Tim Hecker – “Chimeras”
2. Throwing Snow – “Lingerwell”
3. Get People – “Macaw” (Raffertie Remix)
4. FrenchFire and Big War ft Kirin – “Blood Brother”
5. Hot Since 82 – “Sundown”
6. Sekuoia – “Disappear”
7. Xtrngr – “Voices”
8. eplp & Lunova Labs – “Earth”
9. Thrupence – “Folds”
10. Ulf Lohmann – “Kristall”
11. Christian Loffler – “Blind”
12. FrenchFire & Sangam – “Yellow Leaves Becoming ‘Set in Stone’
13. Maundrie Fox “I miss”
14. Iketa – “Atlas”
15. Helios – “Halving The Compass (Need a Name Tribute)”
16. XXYYXX – “DMT”
17. eplp – “Wishes-of-you-Me”
18. Iketa – “Scattered”
19. Iketa – “Burn”
20. Need a Name – “Goodbye”
21. Throwing Snow – “Melum”


Warning: This Documentary contains flashing images.

This is a non profit found footage documentary. All images found via Vimeo and Youtube. All rights/ownership of the images and music contained therein belong to respective creators/owners.


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